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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  May 16, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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1-3 months recovery. barbara, we wish you a lot of luck, a lot of good wishes. if you missed any part of today's show, check out my podcast. remember, this is the place for the answers to all of your medical questions. thanks for watching. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. good morning. from cnn center, this is cnn sunday morning. it is 8:00 a.m. in atlanta. good morning. i'm jim acosta in for t.j. holmes. >> and i'm kate bolduan. thanks for starting your day with us. let's check your top stories. oil giant, b.p., back at work trying to cap the gushing oil spill deep in the gulf of mexico. the company hopes to eventually hook a mile-long pipe to the leaking wellhead to
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siphon off some crude oil. b.p. says deploying oil disperse r per sants seems to be erupting. >> england has closed airports in manchester and liverpool. while london remains unaffected for now. >> a rude awakening off the i'll of puerto rico which was rattled by a 5.7 earthquake s the quake's epicenter was on the northwestern end. no injuries reported. electricity has been restored to the area. turning now to the situation in thailand, we should report street clashes in bangkok are now into a fourth day. there are reports of more violence. the government has changed its mind about imposing a curfew for now. our sarah side ner in the middle of it all. sarah, we looked at your live shot earlier.
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you've obviously moved. you've moved to a location where you can't see the smoke quite as well as earlier. we saw it clearly rising behind you. how are things going there right now? >> same situation, though. the government reversed its decision to put a curfew in place saying that it believed it could get this situation under control and today has certainly been less deadly than the last three days. today, we have one confirmed death so far and we are still looking into reports that a few people have been injured today. we have new information about what is happening in the negotiations between the redshirts, the anti-government protesters athat want to see the government dissolve. the redshirts are saying they are willing to negotiate. they want a third party, the united nations. the government has responded saying it will not use any
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outside negotiators, that this is an internal problem. so, here again, you have a bit of a stalement. jim? >> sarah, a lot of people are probably wondering, what is behind all this? americans and westerners see thailand as such a sought-after destination. lots of tourists go there. it is sort of coming out of nowhere that this country is in so much chaos right now. >> this is a country where you have this sort of thing flare up and then sort of calm down fr a while and flare up again. general lirks the redshirt protesters are a group of people from the poor, people that are upset with the way the government has gone. they do not believe that this government is looking out for their best interest. the government for its part has
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said it is willing to negotiate in the beginning with putting one basic thing in place saying you have to leave the area, because these protesters have been in this area and have taken the area over for more than five weeks now. this is a commercial part of bangkok, not the entire city but a commercial part of bangkok where there are shopping malls, for example, businesses, and some residents. this is certainly not good for the thai economy. at this point in time, there is still a stalemate between the government and the redshirt protesters. it is hard to tell if things are getting better. >> our sara sidner in bangkok, thailand. stay safe. thanks for that report. there is a new concern in the gulf this morning. scientists studying the oil
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spill keep finding huge plumes of oil under water. some lie just below the surface and all the way down to more than 4,000 feet in some areas. those plumes are defleeting oxygen levels. a further threat to the environment. reynolds wolf has more. >> reporter: we are about to get on this vessel and head out to sea. this is mike braynerd. what is today's snigs. >> we are going to be going to the mississippi sound and test some shrimp to see what the average size is. this will be used to open up our shrimp season. >> reporter: we are going to speed up a little bit. hold on. now, where exactly are we headed specifically? >> we are going to station three, which is in the bichanne.
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>> reporter: has the oil spill been a concern? >> as of now, the oil hasn't gotten into our waters. it is definitely a concern. we are planning it will be a regular shrimp season. we have planes up there monitoring every day to see where the oil is and how far it is from our shores. >> reporter: how important are these little animals, little shrimp to the people that live sneer. >> it is very important, a big part of our culture here. bichlt lo it used to be called the shrimp capital of the u.s. >> reporter: he lowers his nets and raises his hopes for a good sample. he says conditions are perfect right now for shrimp to grow but any oil in these waters could put the season in jeopardy. >> it is kind of like agar d ga
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for them to grow. >> reporter: michiganer men follow the work. >> these dudes too. >> reporter: dolphins know an easy male when they see one. the mississippi shrimping season could be a days away. it depends on the sample these biologists take back to headquarters and the efforts of others working to take it from shredding. >> we have brown shrimp and white shrimp. >> reporter: do you like what you see? >> definitely. this looks good. i hope the oil stays away so our fishermen can get involved in some of this. coming up next, a debate that goes back years. now, congress is getting involved. should women have more public rest roo restrooms or should it be equal for men and women? the videos that everybody ends up watching on line and
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talking about it. we are talking about viral videos. our josh levs has the very best for us this morning. stay tuned. ♪
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lightning strikes. it is happening up and around the gulf of mexico. here is where the gulf spill is located. the heavier oil in the darker blue color u can see more of a movement to the north because the winds have been more consistently south/southeast. there were a lot of changes in the initial stages. the winds were coming from all different directions. that kept the shape a little more circular. now, we are starting to see a little bit more flow unfortunately towards the coastline. the forecast is changing. take a look. here is what we are looking at right now. thunderstorms out there. in terms of how that effects the oil spill, the main thing it is doing right now, when there is lightning out there and really strong thunderstorms with winds up to 50, 60 miles an hour, it hampers the efforts that they are doing to protect wildlife. you can't take a boat out in the middle of a thunderstorm. that is a slowdown there. it creates variable winds and strong wind gusts. it may have a minimal effect on the oil spill itself. some people thablt heavy
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downpours of rain can cause some dispersion. it is minimal when you are talking about a widespread area and isolated thunderstorms. the forecast calls for winds out of the south southeast up to 17 miles an hour. waves will be a little more relaxed, two feet or less. the wind direction will eventually shift and come more from the southwest as we go into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. every week, we are talking about different changes out there, in terms of the gulf coast and weather we are experiencing there. let's get back to what we were talking about earlier with the thunderstorms. a lot of the activity is working its way to the north and east. some of the heaviest downpours. northward, we are also tracking a lot of rain. look for heavy rain to hit
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possibly later today. we are looking at the rain coming in moderately right now, about a trace on the ground. not to mention the heavy rain we had at the beginning of the month. jim and kate, more rain in a place that doesn't need it. the flood cleanup will take weeks, months, the last thing those folks need. >> and probably not much they need in biloxi. let's talk about something that will help wake you up a little bit. a look at the latest and greatest new viral videos on the internet. >> as always, our josh levs is on the lookout. josh, love the animation by wait of you. >> you are having some fun with that one, aren't you. >> this is how they represent me looking all over the place to find the best things we can for you on the internet. i'm glad you like it. here is the thing. i showed this to you guys a couple hours ago and got all these tweets saying i talked over it too much. so here is this hot new viral
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video. you can start t i will talk over just beginning. it is celebrating the mini-van via a rap song, the least likely vehicle to be featured in a rap song. let's listen in. ♪ ♪ where my kids at >> this is from toyota and using this viral video to try to get people to buy one of their miniadvance. once they have put out an ad that catches on. it puts money to put it together. in the first few days, 1.5 million views of this video on line called swagger wagon celebrating the mini-van. the new viral video star, this young singer who sut sat down in a sixth grade recital, started
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singing lady ga. th this is what he sounds like. ♪ that is greyson michael chance and he has had 12 million views already. this kid is now going wild e was on ellen a few days later. i have to go back to our producers favorite video of the day. the cutest video in a long time. this doggy knows how to ride in style, kind of like riding a convertible if you are a little dog but in this case, she is riding a turtle. the dog is hope. the turtle is carl. all these people on my facebook page are writing me it is a tortoise and they have an
8:17 am
incredibly complex discussion about how tortoises live and what they eat. knowing how to ride in style. i have a list of all these hot videos on my facebook page. levs. check that out. we have the links for you right there. you can enjoy this. your favorite viral videos. we might have them next weekend. what's your favorite? >> i love the rap song. it kills me every time. >> i cannot believe how good that kid is & and i ihe is in t sixth grade. >> justin bieber better watch out for that kid. >> i was thinking that. bieber started out on youtube. >> thanks, josh. of all the issues congress is considering, here is one that you might not think of as a top of their list and is someone
8:18 am
argues shouldn't be top of their list. women everywhere can relate. we are tired of standing in sometimes very long lines to use a public restroom. a house committee, they have heard our concerns and they are taking action. the potty parity act will balance out the number of guys and girls stalls in federal buildings across the country. >> when you said house committee, you mean house of representatives. this was not a committee held in someone's house. there are actually health risks involved. waiting too long can cause urinary tract infections. you knew the guys had to be blamed for all of this. the guy says most federal buildings were built years ago before women joined the workforce in large numbers and perhaps the men were a bit oblivious to women's additional needs. that is not surprising at all. men being oblivious, i can relate. anyway, moving on, the digital
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i like that. >> so proud of that animation. the internet, computers and blackberrys bombard us daily with all the data we can handle and then some. >> are students nearing the tipping point of an information overlewd. carl joins us with more on the distractions of the digital age.
8:23 am
>> good morning. >> a lot of this started when president obama decided to go after the ipad. >> he mentioned last week at a commencement speech i want to tell you what he said specifically that got so much response at cnn student notice. with ipods and ipads and xboxs and playstations, none of which i know how to work, information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation. >> as you can imagine, a middle and high school audience, very media savvy generation, they haven't grown up without a computer in the classroom. more than 700 of them logged on to our blog at cnn ta touk about where they stood on this. it was a pretty devisive issue. >> this was the first president
8:24 am
that demand to have had his blackberry still. he is more media savvy than previous presidents. >> somebody pointed this out. this is somebody who used the media so much in his campaign and used blackberry and twitter. someone poichnted that out. as far as the student perspective, i have a comment from rodney. rodney feels that, you know, you can use this extra technology. it is a good thing. it keeps kids away from things like drugs and gangs, stuff like that. then, he argues with gaming, it gives him a chance to interact with people from different countries. on the other side of that, we had a comment from kyle. he is saying he mostly agree wts president. he thinks most kids are too dependent on electronics. they don't go outside. he said most kids don't know the difference between a norway pine and a jack pine. the only reason i did is because i went and looked it up afterwards. there is a consensus, probably
8:25 am
somewhat in the middle. learning how to balance what you do in your free time and learning what you should be doing. miss smith is a teacher that wrote us. as a teacher, the technology can be distracting in the classroom as many teachers know with kids checking their text messages and everything. she try toies to show her stude how empowering the items that students use can be. there were a lot of students that said, if you use it in moderation, they can be good sources of information and if you go overboard, they can be distracting. >> thank you so much, carl. the glitz and glamour of hollywood has land ond the shores of france for the 2010 cannes film festival. a much-anticipated sequel made its debut on friday at cannes. >> brooke anderson sat down with cast members of "wall street, money never sleeps." >> reporter: stars are so
8:26 am
thrilled to be here in cannes, they are like kids in a candy store. i sat down with the cast of "wall street:money never sleeps" oliver stone's follow-up to his hit drama. it's 24-year-old kerry mulligan's first film here. she revealed she has been here before. >> i came here when i was 12 years old as a tourist. i remember walking around. there were news cameras. i was trying to get in the back of the shot. >> reporter: co-star, frank angela told me he remembered the scene as much wilder back then. >> it may have been the fact that i was very young. it was wilder than it is now.
8:27 am
people in outrageous outfits coming in with dogs and trained lions. >> you look out here, these are fans. so to be at the biggest festival in the world with a movie that you are proud of with a director that you love and a cast that you really -- this is a really great opportunity for me and a moment in my life that this is memorable. >> reporter: shia admitted to me that making this film, his first drama, after a string of action movies, was extremely challenging. he told me he really was nervous and intimidated day in, day out on the set by the stature of his co-stars. >> you are stepping into a cage of lions. i felt like an underdog coming on this set. i'm the transformer's kid. to come on set with josh brolin and frank langella and susan sir ran done and carey mulligan.
8:28 am
the other side of the camera is oliver stone. >> reporter: "wall street:money never sleeps" will roll into the theaters this fall. is the military too religio religious? some think. >> coming up. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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welcome back. i'm jim acosta in for t.j. holms. >> and i'm kate bolduan. 8:30 eastern, 5:30 on the west coast. thanks for joining us. let's get a quick check of the oil spill situation in the gulf of mexico. b.p. is working to insert a tube into the ruptured pipe nearly a
8:32 am
mile beneath the surface. the plan is to siphon oil from the rupture to a ship above the site. they failed yesterday. it looks like spreading chemical disp dispersants is working. millions of gallons of crude oil has spilled in the last few weeks. they estimate the rate at 210,000 gals. reynolds wolf is live in biloxi, mississippi. we have been talking about the businesses, the fishermen, the shrimpers, are they seeing any optimistic signs out there? >> reporter: it is a tough thing to deal with. this is definitely a measure of frustration. seafood and oil from this slick certainly aren't going to mix. they have been taking some tremendous steps. not just fishermen but the people offshore. one of the latest has been the insertion tube that they have been placing right near the
8:33 am
biggest leak. the idea of trying to do that is incredibly difficult. you are taking a six-inch pipe into a leak that has a tremendous flow rate. that could be anywhere from, they are guesstimating 5,000 to 70,000 barrels a day. they are using three rovs, underwater robots. they are trying to put that in position to siphon the fuel. they will be able to siphon about 85% of the oil if they are lucky and put it in a tanker ship and bring it back to shofrmt that's one of the options they are using this morning to help protect the shore and the marine life. >> if it was only as simple as the animation makes it look. if those robotic subs could plug that oil leak, this would have been done a while ago. this is a difficult task down there. >> reporter: absolutely. it really and truly is.
8:34 am
short-term solution is to try to do something like that. the other idea is that it would siphon up to the surface. they have been taking some long-term steps also. some of the long-term solutions could be putting in two different wells. now, what they are doing is they have got two ships out there, drilling ships. they have dropped the implements needed to have those deep wells. as of friday night, one of them was down to about 3,000 feet below the surface. it is not like you can take one of these things, throw it over bored and it sin board. when it gets down there and they get all the material needed to make these wells, it is something that could take several nonmonths to implement. it is going to be with that insertion tube. >> let's keep our fingers crossed and our hopes high. >> thanks, reynolds.
8:35 am
appreciate it. >> you bet. >> we are also following another day of violent anti-government protests in bangkok, thailand. another protester was killed today in those clashes with government forces. that brings to 25 the number of civilian deaths since thursday. the government had planned to enforce a curfew but canceled that, at least for now. it says troops have the situation in control. a fur few curfew is still a pos. the government is delaying the start of the next cool term due to the violence. the government says it doesn't want the u.n. involved in negotiations to end protest. and, more travel troubles today in europe because of that erupting volcanic glacier in iceland. it has forced a couple of airports in ireland to close as well as airports in man chester and liverpool, england. london remains unaffected for now. passengers are being encouraged to check first with the airlines before headed to the airport.
8:36 am
as we all know, the u.s. military is made up of people of all faiths but is one religion being promoted over another. critics say fundamentalist christian offers are pressuring troops to convert to their beliefs. cnn's barbara starr takes a closer look. >> reporter: for carl birch, war is a spiritual mission. he spent a year ministering to the troops. >> when a soldier doms me with a problem, i never ask them what faith they are. >> reporter: caplan birch is a member of the baptist general conference. he says he would never try to force his belief on soldiers that come to him. it is a sensitive issue. >> it is a terrible, terrible cancer eating away at very core of our military.
8:37 am
>> reporter: mike weinstein heads the military freedom foundation. he is an air force veteran that claims officers often try to preach to him while he was in the service. >> the chaplains are the least of our problems. we are far more concerned with the platoon sergeants and the battalion commanders. >> reporter: at the air force academy, dozens of complaints of religious discrimination going back a decade, allegations that cadettes were pressured to become evangelical christians. in 2004, lieutenant general william boycon, a top operative was criticized for speaking at religious events talking about his god being the real good. >> weinstein says that's just beginning. it is not just that it is going on. it is not that the pentagon is turning a blind eye. it is being tremendously,
8:38 am
enthusiastically pushed down upon our members of the military. >> reporter: chaplain birch has heard the stories too. he says chaplains are careful to walk the line. >> they need to be about all soldiers. if they are not, then there is no long-term room for them in the military. >> reporter: now, more than ever, religious diversity is the name of the game. no better example than here at pentagon chapel. jews, muslims and christians all live here. a christian chaplain would not say jewish or muslim prayers. >> i am not qualified to do that. i don't think those of other faiths want me to do their services. >> reporter: charles haines directs the religious project at
8:39 am
the museum. he says it is a tricky balance. >> it is tough any time you have government entangled with religion, it will be complicated to get it right. it is always going to sound as if it may be veering towards promoting one religion or another. chaplain birch says it is a challenge he willingly accepts. >> when they come to me asking for bread, i don't give them water. i help them at the point of need. i think most all chaplains do that or else soldiers wouldn't come to us. >> reporter: barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. now, the oil spill in the gulf cost thousands of fishermen their jobs. >> now, b.p. is making good on its promise to put some of them to work. sounds like good news. it is not good news in all cases. hear why some fishermen are frustrated. ain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough.
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good morning, i'm meteorologist, bonnie schneider. we are tracking strong thunderstorms all over the south. you will see new orleans getting hit with downpours as well as become become. a cell working its way towards biloxi where our reynolds wolf has been reporting from. to the north, a flood threat. it continues in a place that doesn't need any more rain. nashville, as well as memphis and arkansas and little rocks, all under flash flood watches. you can see the rain sliding across nashville, working its way into kentucky right now. a lot of that rain is heading towards bowling green and to louieville later on today. we have low pressure here. what that's doing is tapping into the gulf of mexico arks lot of moisture and enhancing the threat for rain flult tthrougho day. temperatures are going to be warm and steamy. high
8:43 am
highs in tampa in the '90s. it will get to the mid-30s after midnight. that esa look is a look at your. we have a lot more coming up.
8:44 am
coming up right after the show at 9:00 a.m. eastern, state of the union with candy crowley. >>. the oil spill in the gulf of mexico and the utah senator, soon to be former senator of utah. candy crowley is joining us. it is going to be a pretty busy morning for you. >> no lack of things to talk about, that's for sure. we are looking a little bit at the elections. we have three important states that are going to have primary elections mostly on tuesday. what is interesting to me right
8:45 am
now is kind of what does this all mean for the country as a whole? it comes off after sen. robert bennett's loss in utah. we are taking a step back and saying the re-election rate for a sitting congressman is so high. it is 86 in the senate. 94% in the house. the question is, why does this year feel so different? we are going to talk to senator specter and his opponent, joe sestak in a huge democratic fight and we will talk about bennett and what he thinks will be happening to the nation. we will be discussing the oil slick and a supreme court nominee. >> and the pennsylvania race is so close despite the fact that the president, the governor of that state, ed rendell, appear to all be lining up behind arlen
8:46 am
specter. joe sestak could pull this off. >> yes, he could. the polls are quite even. right now, it just seems to be a drag to have sat in the senate for too long. too much power, too much washington. all things washington are turning off most of the voters. right now, that appears to be senator specter. people used to go back to their home districts and say, i brought this home and i got this bill and i brought this project home and more and more, what we're finding across the country is that people don't like that anymore. it is a very uncertain election year. i just want to add that i have had many election years before where we thought, oh, people want to throw the bums out. it is one of those years. the incumbents are terrible. this is an interesting year to be watching. >> this is almost a super tuesday. a lot of us will be watching and keeping a close eye. >> the election of the
8:47 am
endangered incumbent. >> you never know until you know. i am sticking with candy on this one. >> keep it here for "state of the union" with candy crowley. it will be a great show that starts in about 15 minutes at 9:00 a.m. eastern, 6:00 a.m. pacific. right here. weem be right back. we love getting our outback dirty. because it seems like the dirtier it gets, the more it shines. the subaru outback®. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year®. the subaru outback®. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz?
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she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that my car? [ whirring ] [ female announcer ] the new community. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. [ female announcer ] instead of drinking old office coffee,
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the latetivist on the oil s in the gulf of mexico. the plan is to siphon oil from the rupture to a ship above the site. some who have been hired or want to be hired are upset with b.p.'s handling of the situation. here is evan anderson of wvue in new orleans. >> reporter: hundreds of fishermen line up at the government complex in saint bernard to get paid for their first few days of working in the gulf. it sounds like good news. the parish is cutting checks on behalf of b.p. >> i am frustrated with everything that's going on. the way they are handling it. >> they want to get you frustrated. that's the way they got these fishermen. >> reporter: some feel like there is no consistent process of compensation or selection of who can go out and get to work. >> i've got friends that don't
8:51 am
even, they won't even look at me because i went to work. >> you are constantly worrying. you have bills to pay like everybody else. you know when your check is coming in. i don't know if i'm even going to get any more. they are going to rotate these boats. if they don't start rotating them right, i won't get back on the list. >> reporter: some are in the rotation, others are left out. >> it has come to the point where either you know people or you don't know people. if you know the right people, you working. if not, you north gonna. it ain't gonna happen. >> reporter: some fishermen say when they do get work, it takes them three days to make the same amount of money they had made in one day of fishing. very difficult situation. and maybe a difficult situation with weather right now. let's go to bonnie schneider. >> storms that could effect the cleanup. >> a lot of people are trying to protect wildlife. when you have a thunderstorm in
8:52 am
the area, it could hinder a boat going out or people along the beach heading out to see what's going on. right now, the forecast called for winds out of the southeast. 11-17 miles per hour. a hot day. 84 degrees with waves not too high, about three feet. we saw them higher initially when this bill occurred t is important to note we are going to see changes in the forecast. right now, we are seeing very strong thunderstorms with real time lightning. in fact, look at this. i'm just watching this live. we are detecting hail north of new orleans, intense thunderstorms roll tlug the gulf coast. frequent lightning strikes that are occurring offshore as well. a tighter picture now of louisiana itself. you can see the real-time lightning occurring all the way off into the mouth of the mississippi as well as into areas of mississippi and alabama. a stormy day in the gulf. a look at your gulf forecast weather. we will have more coming up on cnn sunday morning.
8:53 am
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the terror suspects talked before being read their miranda rights. >> now, the justice department wants to expand this tactic. cnn's brian todd examines this bit of controversy. >> reporter: times square bombing suspect, faisal shahzad was ir tan gated for four hours before he was told he had the right to remain silent, his miranda rights. anything he said up to that point could be used against him in court. this is called the public safety
8:57 am
exception to miranda. used when officials feel there is a threat. oat 'bama justice department wants congress to help expand the use of that tactic. attorney general eric holder called it big news. >> something that is flexible and more consistent with the threat we face. >> that public safety exception to miranda was first used in standard criminal cases long before the war on terror. >> reporter: when we asked why the justice department wants to expand this rule now, a spokesperson said she couldn't go beyond what attorney general holder said. they believe with the shahzad case and the christmas day bombing attack that they could use more time to interrogate and get information. shahzad and umar farouk abdul mutallab, were both read their miranda rights and both kept talking. either could have clammed up and
8:58 am
their plots might never have been divulged. david ripken is a critic. >> he need enough time and an interactive mode to get all the information out of a suspect. you don't know in advance. you may need some time to go back and check. >> reporter: steven vlonic says more exemptions on miranda will eetd away at suspect's right. >> reporter: what about the fact that we are dealing with terrorism suspects. these are common criminals. you have to inject a little more flexibility into the system. >> to me, the flexibility of the government is saeking in these cases is provided by the public safety exception and has existed for 25 years. beyond that, i think the fact that many of these suspects are u.s. citizens, that most of them are arrested on u.s. soil means there are and must be limits on exactly how much the government can bend the traditional rules.
8:59 am
>> reporter: liberals like to point out that the bush administration read terror suspects their rights do. shoe bomber was promptly myrrh an dooized in 2001. brian todd, cnn, washington. the arrest of faisal shahzad in the attempted times square bombing has a lot of people asking, how could someone plan an attack against the country they live in. cnn launched a special investigation in search of those answers. watch "american al qaeda" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn . >> thanks you for joining us.


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